Sellers & Homeowners

Before you list your home, you may want to have your home professionally inspected. 

This will alert you to any possible repairs which you may wish to address before you list. A home inspection gives both the seller and buyer advanced warning of any issues that may arise. The disclosure of potential problems during a home inspection promotes a smoother business transaction, creating peace of mind for both parties.

Preventing any surprises during the home sale process.

The same care and detail is included in our Pre-List Home Inspections. In fact it is the same report which is conducted for your potential home buyer. A Pre-List Home Inspection may alert you to issues you may not have been aware of which allows you time to address prior to sale. This not only gives you peace of mind during the disclosure process it can help eliminate those costly surprises that reduce your profits. Often times a home buyer feels better knowing you have had a professional home inspection and have already taken the steps to mediate existing issues. We work hard to eliminate any surprises and give you peace of mind during process of selling your house.  

We've inspected thousands of homes, from those in older historic neighborhoods to new luxury homes, and everything in between. With every inspection we provide our clients with exceptional customer service, reliability and thoroughness. You can count on us! CALL US TODAY: 916.343.1172

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