Our comprehensive reports include a summary of findings, along with detailed explanations, digital photos and a home maintenance schedule. Your understanding of the home inspection report is very important to us—we will sit with you and your clients until all questions and concerns are answered.


What does the report include?
Our comprehensive report, provided onsite, includes detailed findings, a summary of items of concern, digital photos and a home maintenance schedule.


Typically that phase is 17 days after acceptance of offer. In today’s Real Estate market it is not uncommon to have that period of time shortened to “now” for quicker close. We understand these time lines and will work with you in any possible way to meet your needs and reduce that stress. 

Why Choose IntegraSpect?
Whether you’re buying a home or selling, a professional home inspection alleviates much of the stress and worry involved. Last-minute surprises aren’t fun for either buyers or sellers.

IntegraSpect works to eliminate potentially costly surprises and give you peace of mind that the home you’ve chosen is solid. We also give you the knowledge you need about a particular home, making your real estate transaction go smoothly and easily.

We invite you to join the hundreds of realtors and families in the greater Sacramento area who’ve relied on the integrity, expertise and courtesy of IntegraSpect. Call us today!

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